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About Our Firm

Like many of our clients, we are entrepreneurs. Unlike our clients, we actually enjoy accounting! We take the headache out of the financial side of your business while giving you valuable insights to help you grow your business. 

Trust Worthy

Everyone’s story is unique, which is why we take the time to learn about our clients, what inspired them to start a business, and have a clear understanding of their industry. You care about your business. So do we!


We understand that this profession is more than just counting numbers or reading ledgers. It’s about helping our clients reach their financial and business goals. With our help, you’ll have the freedom to manage your business with peace of mind.


With over 20 years of experience, we can create a strong accounting & finance foundation. Everything starts with numbers you can trust. We’ll make sense of the numbers so you can make sense of your business.

Who We Are

Freedom to Manage Your Business With Peace of Mind

We can eliminate the added costs and hassle of maintaining staff while providing the services you need. We work virtually which allows us to work anytime and anywhere to make sure our clients are taken care of. We offer services that meet your support level and financial needs. Whether you want financial data, after the fact, or real-time data with insights that help you achieve your goals, we’ve got you covered. The level of support we provide is your choice because “one-size” doesn’t fit all.

Our Story

In 1998, Juanita Fail and her husband, Anthony, began working in the finance industry. Since then, they have worked closely with numerous non-profits and for-profit entities alike. In 2000, Juanita became fascinated with the accounting industry. She began assisting her local church with their accounting needs and absolutely enjoyed every minute. That experience led her to pursue a degree in accounting. Fast forward 22 years, Juanita holds an Associate of Business Administration from Kilgore College and a Bachelor of Business Administration from The University of Texas at Tyler; both are Accounting Majors.

Juanita has worked with various sizes and types of businesses. That includes managing an umbrella non-profit that held 75 entities with $300 million in assets and 500+ employees. Juanita has worked with government, non-profit, and fund accounting. She has also worked with and managed grants. Her experience doesn’t stop there; she has a wide range of accounting experience, from restaurants to fireworks businesses. You can expect that Precision Accounting Solutions can handle a variety of business types and accounting processes.

Precision Accounting Solutions has the experience and expertise that is necessary for handling your accounting needs along with the reliability and trustworthiness that is crucial for your peace of mind. I appreciate how they take the time to listen and become familiar with your needs to come up with solutions that are tailor-made just for your business!

Jennifer Reynolds, CPA

“Not only is Juanita a personal friend, but she is also my accountant. She knows her stuff, and my business is better for it!”

Tim Brown

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Accountants Who Care

When a business owner does want to look for an expert to work with, one thing to look out for is someone who cares not only about the money gained from working with the business, but the business itself. Finding an expert who cares about the success of the business can help the owner ensure they have the right help and that they’ll be able to maximize the benefits of the assistance they receive. It is crucial to look into how the expert will handle the job, both from a technical standpoint and a more general standpoint. We care about your business, and we’ll do what it takes to help the business be successful and keep the finances in line.

Who We Are

Juanita Fail

Juanita Fail

Founder / Managing Partner

I have volunteered and worked in non-profit accounting for 20 years. Before launching PAS, I managed the accounting department for a large non-profit that has 75 entities with over $300 million in assets. I oversaw and set accounting procedures for all of the locations and was directly responsible for bookkeeping and financials for 10 of those entities, which included central services, a charity, a savings and loan, parishes, and a foundation.