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If you are new to our firm, you might be wondering about the process. This is a common question and it depends on your desired level of service. Our services range from “After the fact” to complete “Outsourced Accounting Services”. I do not come to your office or business to prepare your books or financials. While we do have offices, we work virtually. We believe the current climate in our world definitely promotes this business model.

Because all businesses and business owners are different, we offer a wide variety of services to meet your needs. We will review your needs thoroughly to ensure you are only using the services that are important to you. It doesn’t stop there; we will follow up with you quarterly and make sure you are satisfied with the level of service you are receiving. Below is a general description of the range of services we offer.

  •  If you need “after-the-fact” services, you will manage your day to day business like you normally would. We will input your data into our accounting systems and then provide account reconciliations and financial reports to you.
  • Complete Accounting Services means you don’t handle any of your accounting. We will manage all transactions and produce financials for your records. This can include our firm writing your vendor checks.

A few other thoughts…

  1. We will receive your detail and documentation via the methods listed.
  2. Direct download
  3. Scan and email
  • The details and documentation we ask for will vary on your level of involvement. If using QuickBooks Online, we can connect your bank account to have an automatic bank feed. We will compile a list of details needed from you about transactions in question. After we receive those answers, we will complete your monthly reports. We will advise you when the monthly work has been completed and send you PDF files or let you know they are ready in the system. When complete, the month will be closed so that no changes can be made to prior period data.

Once a routine has been established, the process is very smooth. As long as we are provided with all the correct documentation in a timely manner, you will receive your finished documents on time. Delays in receiving information from you will delay the finished product from us.