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There are a couple of predominant pricing models. The most common model is “hourly billing”. The alternative to this is “flat or fixed pricing”.

With the “hourly billing” method, you are charged for every minute spent on your books, phone calls, email, etc. As you can imagine, it becomes a “nickel and dime” situation. Most clients get to the point that they don’t even want to contact their accountants unless absolutely necessary. This method rewards inefficiency, the job gets dragged out as long as possible to maximize profits. It is definitely not the best use of your resources.

“Flat or fixed rate” pricing values your precious resources and your accountant’s experience. This method also opens a much-needed dialogue between the client and accountant. There are numerous benefits to your company.

  1. No surprises. You know exactly what you are paying each month. If the need arises for an additional service, we will discuss in detail with you BEFORE any charges are incurred.
  2. You get the benefit of experience. Would you hire someone to change your vehicle oil and then train them while paying them by the hour? Of course not. Why would you do that with your books?
  3. You choose your service package. This is where dialogue is beneficial. We will review your goals and businesses’ needs, then make recommendations based on those needs. You choose what is important to you. Why pay someone to do something you don’t even need. Why would you pay for payroll services if you do not have employees? That is why it is important for us to get to know you and your business.

Sure you can hire someone at a cheap rate, but their inexperience can cost you in the long run. You could end up paying for a learning curve instead of the services you need. That doesn’t even take into consideration the possible mistakes you may have to endure. Let’s face it, no one knows everything and we certainly don’t claim to know everything. The strength of our firm is our attention to detail, client-focused model, and resourcefulness.

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